Travelling inside and outside of Germany

Oh boy, it’s been 4 months since my last blog article. I feel bad. And I should. But let’s try to fix or at least justify that.

In the last 2 months I’ve been travelling quite a bit to quite different places and the next few articles will focus on those trips. I’ll already give you a small insight into what’s going to come and why all of this will be in English.

End of June I flew to the United States of America – the country of freedom, guns and sugary drinks – Florida to be a bit more specific. I’ve went there to spend time with my special someone, my girlfriend, my Nicole. And I’ve had the best time of my life over there and I’m not afraid to say that I love to be there.

Then, in mid-August I’ve been to the gamescom in Cologne, Germany – the fullest German exhibition I know of. And it will be my last year, at least for now, for multiple reasons.

Monday and Tuesday just the week after that I went on my first business trip to Zurich. Quite a big thing for me actually since going on a business trip as a student isn’t all that common, I’d argue. And during that one night I stayed there, I stayed at the best hotel I’ve ever encountered. Period.

And then, just last Saturday, I’ve went to Berlin with two friends to go to the IFA. Not as full as the gamescom and I’m very glad about that.

Anyway, enough for the summary, let’s get started about the trips themselves! See you soon!

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