I’ll never ever buy an HTC phone again!

This time an article in English because the WHOLE world should know about this.

Warning: Geeklevel of 3 out of 5 points.

Some of you may know that I own an HTC Desire HD.
And some of you may also own one.

HTC said that we will get ICS (not only we, also other phones). This was about 6 months ago. And the things changed.

Today HTC told us that there will be NO ICS for the Desire HD.
And hundreds of users already promised they won’t buy any HTC phone again.

There are hundreds of customers who only bought the Desire HD in February beacause it was the cheapest phone available getting ICS. HTC promised it will come.
And now ALL Desire HD owners are disappointed. Not because they won’t get ICS but because HTC lied. They broke their promise.

Anyone is disappointed by the upgrade policy of HTC. Not only we Desire HD owners but all users, especially the tablet owners.

The first HTC tablets appeared in April (?) 2011. They were released with Gingerbread (2.3) and were updated to Honeycomb (3.x). This destroyed the functionality of the tablets by adding onscreen buttons while having hardware buttons. So the screen was actually littler than before.
And those tablets were excluded from the ICS upgrade plan from the beginning. So they now have a half functional system that nobody likes.

The next thing: HTC, you remember the contract with Google that many manufacturers (also you) signed? This contract said that you have to upgrade phones to any newer Android version that is released in the first 18 months after the devices release. And this would include the Desire HD in the same way as it would include all tablets released by you.

One last thing:
The HTC One V has nearly the same specs as the Desire HD (it has even a LITTLER RAM) and was released with ICS and Sense 4.0A.
Then there’s the Desire C with 512 MB RAM and a 600 MHz CPU while the Desire HD has 768 MB RAM and a 1 GHz CPU. The Desire C was also released with ICS and Sense 4.0a.
So HTC: if you want us to buy the newer phones – simply tell us.
But don’t say that our phones are not good enough.

Oh and if any of you now says „Simply use a Custom ROM!“: as long as we don’t have the libs and kernel sources for linux 3.0 we can’t have a perfectly working system.

And since the kernel and the libs have to be finished because HTC „tested“ it already on our phones: simply release the libs and the kernel source and we will upgrade our phones in a better way than you ever did.

This is my opinion and if I ever buy a new phone it’ll be a Nexus device.

Leave your opinion in the comments below, share this article over all social networks, etc. you know and tell everyone about it. The whole world needs to know.

That’s it.
Regards Rico.

8 Gedanken zu „I’ll never ever buy an HTC phone again!

  1. Jan

    Das ist moderne Marktwirtschaft mein Lieber!!
    Ich wusste garnicht das du dich auf einmal so aufregst nur weil keine „legale“ Version für dein Handy rauskommt. Sonst hat es dich einen scheiß interresiert was HTC gemacht hat. Auf einmal wendet sich das Blatt:!: ? Wenn du gerne ICS möchtest spiel es dir doch als Custom ROM drauf.
    Außerdem kann HTC nicht alle Modelle auf dem neusten Stand halten, sonst wären die Neukaufspreise viel zu hoch für den Otto-Normalverbraucher. Auch wenn des „One V“ fast die gleichen Eigenschaften hat, es ist neuer und das ist sein Vorteil gegenübewr dem jetzut fast 2 Jahre altem Modell „Desire HD“. Ansonsten wünsche ich dir schöne und erholsame Ferien 😀

    1. Ditti Beitragsautor

      Scheinbar hast du den Artikel nicht sehr gründlich gelesen. Denn fast deinen ganzen Kommentar widerlege ich im Artikel.

      Doch auch dir schöne Ferien.

    1. Ditti Beitragsautor

      Wenn du das mit dem Neuheits-Vorteil beim V meinst, kann ich nur wieder auf den Vertrag zwischen Google und den Herstellern verweisen.

      Und zum Thema Custom ROM hab ich auch einen Absatz geschrieben.


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