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To my Nicole

I love my Nicole because she’s both, my girlfriend and my best friend. We can talk about anything. Whenever there’s something on my chest that I want to get off or when I want to tell someone about my day, I always do and always will come to my girlfriend to tell her about everything that happens in my everyday life. I really enjoy doing this and I would never give it up.

I love my Nicole because it’s fun to be around her and fun to do things with her. It doesn’t matter if we’re just chilling on the couch or in bed, watching Netflix, or if we’re playing Euro Truck Simulator, one of the best games to see how bad of a truck driver you and your girlfriend/boyfriend would be, or if we’re out, sightseeing, eating out, being out alone or with friends and doing fun things – I always have fun. Every second I get to spend with her is a second well spent.

I love my Nicole because she supports me, because she cares about me and because she loves me just the way I am. Whenever I want to achieve something, she’s always there to support me. She always has my back and she always stands by my side. And if she doesn’t, I usually know that I’m trying to do something really stupid.

I love my Nicole because she’s just as weird as me. I love when we are having burping contest. I love when we both make inappropriate comments and talk about inappropriate topics.

I love to give her my body heat when she’s as cold as ice. I love to hog the blanket when we try to share a blanket. I love that she hogs the bed when we try to share that. I love to go shopping with her for hours. I love to tell her about nerd stuff and annoy her with that. I love to cook with her, eat with her, cuddle with her, and plan and go on trips with her. I love to think about us and our future together. I just love every single aspect of our relationship.

I know this article is really mushy, and I also know that I probably forgot to list so many things. But let me just summarize all of this: I will always love my Nicole, through good and bad times, through happy and sad times. No matter if we’re angry at each other, I will always be happy to have her in my life, as my girlfriend and my best friend, who I’m proud to be with and love more than anything else. I will always try to support her, be there for her, right by her side, and make her happy, no matter what’s going on in each of our lives.

Being there for her

This article is a continuation of the last story because thankfully the story didn’t end yet and I hope it won’t ever end but rather continue and get more chapters. Because this story deserves more chapters – it deserves all the chapters it needs to be told properly.

It’s been four months and you’re doing pretty well. You love her and you care about her like you do with no other person. In return, she loves you back and cares about you like she would do for nobody else. Whenever you’re down, she’s there to pull you right back up. Whenever you feel bad, she comes around and makes you feel great again, makes you happy again – just by being herself. You’ve never been so happy being around anyone else and you’r so freaking glad that you have her – because you need her, because you don’t want to ever let go of her. Whenever you need motivation, she will cheer you and support you with whatever you’re doing. And when you need someone to vent to, she’s there and listens, cares about what you have to say and will give you advice. You try to always be there for her too, try to fix whatever problem she’s having and try to support her with everything she does – in the good and in the bad times – because you love her like you never loved and never will love anyone else, because you care about her like nobody else could. You want to know every single thing about her and her life, her family, her quirks – with enough trust and patience, you will find out everything about all those topics.

I love all about you, my dear. And this will never change. I want to always be there for you. Thank you for everything.

Making you feel again

We’ve all been there – emotionally hurt, making us fall back into a state free of emotions and having trust issues. You swear to never fall in love again so nobody can ever hurt you again.
That works out quite well until… well, until a very special person comes around and starts talking to you more frequently. A person you always quite liked and knew for years. A person you started to trust over the many years you’ve known her. A person you start to really like and eventually love because she cares for you, because she’s there for you. She gives you emotional stability, makes you feel again. She restores you, makes you feel human again and you don’t want to ever let go of her.

This story doesn’t have an end and it hopefully never will. In case this special person reads this: I love you and I don’t want to ever lose you. Thank you for everything.